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Automatic hydraulic invert trestle

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The invert trestle is mainly composed of 9 parts, including front approach, power connection frame, standard section, transition section of rear approach, driven walking mechanism, rear approach, track chassis, hydraulic system and electrical system. The features are as follows:

1) It can move to the next station by using the self-walk function without disassembly;

2) The adjustable automatic lifting hydraulic system can meet the requirements of tunnel construction under different conditions.

3) The track chassis that can rotate 90° and the driven walking structure ensure the flexible steering function. The motor is used to drive the hydraulic pump to provide power, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

4) It can be equipped with invert formwork, end formwork and central ditch formwork to complete the formwork operation, and it can move to the next station while carrying formworks.

5) It can be equipped with the extension structure of the front approach, suitable for tunneling in full section.



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Automatic hydraulic invert trestle
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Automatic hydraulic invert trestle