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Trolley for Xingquan Railway of China Railway 24th Bureau Group

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Luoyangtengyu Tunnel Machine Co., Ltd., formerly a subsidiary of the Tunnel Engineering Bureau of the Ministry of Railways, was established in April 2006. It is a professional company integrating the development, design, manufacture and repair of tunnel, bridge and hydraulic machinery. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification.

The company has more than 15 intermediate and senior technical personnel, and more than 150 intermediate and senior technicians.

The company has a modern enterprise management and after-sales service system and complete supporting machinery processing equipment, and the development and manufacturing capacity of supporting and special equipment for complete bridge and tunnel construction machinery. Steel formwork tunnel lining trolley series, trestle series, bridge steel formwork series, hydraulic machinery and component series products have been launched.

Our company's formwork trolley standards have been reviewed by the experts organized by the Luoyang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Henan province put on record in 2006, and certified in 2008. They have also passed the lS09000 quality system certificate. Since its establishment, the company has provided more than 2,000 sets of steel model equipment for tunnels and bridges for China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China Railway Engineering Corporation, China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Corporation, China Communications Construction Corporation and provincial construction units. Its products are sold throughout the country, and have won customer praise and market recognition with high-quality manufacturing and excellent service.


Trolley for Xingquan Railway of China Railway 24th Bureau Group

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